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We began at the beginning of the first lockdown to provide and outlet for people locked up in their homes due to the covid pandemic. Starting off as a comedy show with music to up-build our community, we now have Black History discussions, Featured Guests from our community, Quiz and Games.

Most importantly we ‘support each other’. We have grown and come to be providing Evenings of Black Entertainment.

Lets talk d' tings

Do you have a view or opinion on matter regards our community. That you may have heard or read in the mainstream media join us.

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our services

At Champs & Giggles , we believe in supporting our community, so we offer free business promotion to all community owned business.

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Our message is broadcast to our community through our network of radio stations and social media. We are proud to bring you a phenomenal and exciting talk show that reflects the unique interests and perspectives of our listeners.

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History, New Views and reviews from a Black Perspective. Do you have something to contribute you can join the conversation. Do you have a product or service be a guest and tell us and the community about it.



Bridging Barriers opened their mentoring applications last month and have had over 500 young people sign up to their programme looking for a mentor to help them with their personal and professional development.Are you:* An industry professional (at any level in your career, in any industry) * Willing to volunteer 1 hour a month for 6 months virtually to support a young person * Can attend in person networking events / mentoring sessions throughout the year (optional)If you answered yes to the above, then we’d love to have you support.